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Academy of Marketing’s Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group

The Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing’s Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group has developed a reputation for being one of the world’s leading academic conferences on branding in the last fifteen years.
At this event, top experts from around the world come together to debate and develop the state-of-play in branding theory and application.

The Academy of Marketing

The Academy of Marketing is a Learned Society catering for the needs of marketing researchers, educators and professionals. The overall objective of the Academy of Marketing is to further marketing education and research, and:

  1. To pursue activities and policy which further the professional development of marketing education.
  2. To encourage and promote academic research in marketing.
  3. To support marketing academics and associated staff as they develop their careers.
  4. To provide for regular liaison between marketing academics and associated organisations with related aims and activities for the benefit of members and the discipline.
  5. To foster a positive relationship between the requirements of practice and the academic discipline.
  6. To seek representation on the issues arising in these activities at the highest levels of government, education and industry, to secure recognition and action, where required.

Società Italiana Marketing (SIM) 

The Società Italiana Marketing (Italian Marketing Association) is a scientific association dedicated to promoting and spreading the marketing culture within universities and private companies.
Its mission is to be instrumental in the innovation and cultural consolidation of marketing for the benefit of the Italian academic and entrepreneurial communities.